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How to buy Instagram Followers?

We have designed simple and secured “Three Steps” checkout system where anyone can buy real active instagram followers which only take few seconds to place order.


Choose Package

Such an easy way to start with INSTABOOSTGAM.COM. Select your desired Instagram followers package from above mentioned packages.

Enter Details

On the 2nd step, just enter you username and our system will fetch your details and display before placing order. We will not ask any of your personal information.

See Magic

On 3rd step, our checkout system will show all your order details including your profile picture and package. After successfully payment, you will get your order details and tracking link.


Buy Real Active Instagram Followers from INSTABOOSTGAM with Instant Delivery

INSTABOOSTGAM.COM is #1 choice to buy followers on Instagram among influencers.

Flip your follower count to a higher number by buying Instagram followers from at a cost-effective price, and guaranteed high-quality, targeted real IG followers to help you grow your Instagram page organically. The first step to establishing your presence and creating awareness is by making good use of your Instagram account. Then, the instant growth you need in your follower count can be fulfilled by us.

A good projection of your Instagram followers is the first vital step in establishing visibility and awareness on social media. The status and reach of your Instagram page is not just focused on likes, views and comments but followers as well. It takes a lot of hard work and patience to grow your Instagram fan following. However, many influencers and social media marketing experts follow an effective strategy and grow IG followers for their clients. You might wonder what the secret or the magic that social media marketers use is. The answer is buy followers on Instagram from legitimate and genuine website like INSTABOOSTGAM.COM.

Therefore, you don’t need a social media marketing expert by your side to grow your account. All you need is patience, hard work, skill, and some capital in order to buy followers on Instagram.

Instagram followers cannot be neglected and need to be focused from the moment you create your account. If you are determined to grow your Instagram page and develop visibility and awareness, it is time to take the right step.

Benefits of buying Instagram followers 

There are various advantages of buying followers on Instagram, especially if you are an individual, brand owner or an influencer seeking a full-time career on social media platforms. Therefore, it is a concern to understand the advantages of the services that you are considering for an investment. The same applies to buying real Instagram followers. Understanding the benefits of buying followers will allow you to make the right decision without any regrets.

1. Branding & Awareness

When you buy active Instagram followers from, it is guaranteed to lead to well-established brand development, organic growth and instantly increases in your follower count. It activates organic growth and uses your posts to reach outstanding, especially to the target audience. This establishes brand awareness which is the first step towards a great marketing campaign. This will increase your brand value, grows fame overnight, makes an impression on your target audience and leads to a good profit margin.

2. Save Time

Marketing is not an easy task, and it demands hard work, patience, energy, and, more importantly, time. A delay in your marketing campaign manages to put an impactful dent in your branding strategies and business. Marketing strategies only work when you have an immense number of Instagram followers. It becomes easier to reach an audience and establish a brand status and business awareness.

However, when you buy real Instagram followers, you are not vulnerable to time, as it fast tracks the process of engagement, reaches and ultimately brings traffic to your IG page. Your marketing strategies will hit the bull’s eye, which increases the probability.

3. Activate Instagram algorithm

When you buy real followers, you tend to help your Instagram profile and posts to perform and rank better. Here is where INSTABOOSTGAM.COM do this work for you, when you buy followers from us and post consistently with engaging content, specially posts that resonate with your audience, you will notice that you start rank better among others. When this frequently occurs, the Instagram algorithm is activated, and it prioritizes your IG page, helping you get discovered quickly, allowing traffic and a good reach. Hence, the very first step to start the Instagram algorithm on your page is buying authentic, active, and real Instagram followers.

4. Increase post value

If you want to become an influencer, the value of your paid partnership will depend on the number of followers and the reach that your IG page has. For example, suppose you are being paid 100 bucks per post with an existing follower count of 2K followers; the value will double or increase if you have more than 5K followers. In this way, you can earn more if you have a good number of followers.

Hence, the investment can be easily covered if you get paid partnerships with brands. Additionally, the higher impact your post has, you are liable to earn that much based on ads. Therefore, buying Instagram followers will help you increase the value of your post.

5. Improved Sales & added source of income

Even if you aren’t an influencer, buying followers for Instagram has many advantages, especially for brands and businesses. When you create brand awareness, it is directly affecting your sales strategy. Therefore, having a good network impacting a more significant number of audiences instigates the feeling of willingness to buy your products or services. Additionally, if your brand is quite popular, you can increase its value, making immense profits. Hence, you can recover quickly and run a smooth business with an exponential increase by buying Instagram followers.

6. Recognition & Visibility

If you wish to rank higher on Instagram or establish high standards while impacting many people, then you must have massive amount of followers. Here is an option, when you buy real Instagram followers, it projects your existing followers that people are interested in your posts. Additionally, buying followers will also increase your post likes, impressions and comments. This also allows you to be recognized your artwork, and content in the Instagram community. Thus, your hard work will finally start bearing fruits.

7. More likes and comments 

When you buy IG followers that are real, it does not just grow your follower count but also positively impacts on Instagram likes and comments on your posts. The loyal network of the audience that you develop, i.e., your followers, will also start taking interest in your posts. The skill of influencing your target audience with posts will help you score more likes and comments on your Instagram posts.

Therefore, whether you buy IG followers based in US, UK, or Canada, this strategy will help you set on the right path of your career in Instagram and help you become popular in no time.

So Why buy Instagram followers from us?

We you buy real active Instagram followers  from us, we will provide you with an intelligent market strategy with a good success rate. That’s right, we have been in the social media industry for a long-time and have learned to access its potential, offering the most optimized branding strategy that will help you in the long run. Your Instagram page hosts immense potential to reach millions, and with our help, your page will receive organic growth and will be set on a path to fame and fortune. So, when you buying from us, you don’t just invest in followers but also invest in bringing organic growth and traffic to your Instagram account.

Safe & Secure 

Instagram followers offered by us, are 100% safe and secure. We do not provide any bot followers or crawlers that end up polluting your Instagram page. We take utmost care in providing the safest and secure strategies while delivering followers to your Instagram account. Additionally, we do not demand passwords from our clients as we value your privacy. Therefore, we can guarantee that you will not face any issues regarding security & safety, and you will have a seamless experience by availing yourself with our services.

Quality followers does not provide fake followers or bot followers. Instead, we deliver active and quality followers that are active users and bring more engagement to your Instagram page. No matter which package you buy either 50 followers or 10,000 followers, we deliver same quality of followers as our motto is “quality with quantity“.

Years of industrial experience

Our services have been used and endorsed by multiple brands. Small businesses and influencers in the past and present have greatly benefitted from it. We have more than 7 years of industrial experience in the social media domain, and we strive to deliver our customers the ultimate satisfaction. We help you grow and reach your social media endeavours tapping your full potential.

24×7 customer support

We strive to deliver our customers the best services. Our business motto is to help our customers reach great heights. Therefore, we provide 24×7 customer support to our customers as we believe that every minute counts to making your dreams come true. Therefore, if you face any difficulties, we are always there to support you and resolve your queries.

Instant delivery

Our packages are deployed instantly, helping you get your followers as soon as the payment is completed. Therefore, you can instantly grow your followers count by buying from us. We understand that every second counts, and so we instantly deliver your Instagram followers for a seamless experience.

Secure payment gateway

While buying Instagram followers from us, we have partnered with secure payment services that are 256 bit SSL secure and recognized by PCI-DSS. Hence, you can make payments smoothly. Unfortunately, many dubious sites offer shady payment options that affect the customers and tamper with their dreams. However, our payment platform is 100% guaranteed secure, and you can efficiently complete your transactions as we never store any of your payment information with us.

Consultation opportunities 

We offer consultation opportunities to our clients to help them understand their needs. This will also help you determine the right package to buy active Instagram followers and help you grow your IG page. Additionally, the followers that you buy will be personalised according to your niche, and which will help boost engagement with organic growth.

Affordable Prices 

At, you can buy cheap Instagram followers as compared to our competitors. Our packages are reasonable and really affordable among the best in the market. Despite being cheap, we don’t compromise on the quality and pledge to deliver the best Instagram followers.

Hurry Up! Choose a package and set your goal to have a successful Instagram strategy and one day be competitors to large brands or celebs which you admire today.

Account will not get banned

We at INSTABOOSTGAM.COM make sure that each and every order placed with us, must go through our state of the art system to deliver Instagram followers which is real active. We assure you that your account will never get banned on Instagram if you buy followers from us as each and every followers is scrutinise before adding it in system to follow.

Instagram Followers Packages

We at INSTABOOSTGAM.COM take care of everyone either individual, brand or a business, we have designed following different packages to cover your needs.

Buy 100 Instagram Followers For $2.99

Buy 500 Instagram Followers For $7.99

Buy 1000 Instagram Followers For $11.99

Buy 2500 Instagram Followers For $29.99

Buy 3500 Instagram Followers For $34.99

Buy 5000 Instagram Followers For $39.99

Buy 6000 Instagram Followers For $45.99

Buy 8000 Instagram Followers For $71.99

Buy 9000 Instagram Followers For $79.99

Buy 10000 Instagram Followers For $84.99

Buy 12000 Instagram Followers For $86.40

Buy 20000 Instagram Followers For $169.99

Frequently Asked Questions

We at instaboostgam have 24/7 customer support, here is FAQ’s. If you still need help, please Contact Us.


Are followers from is real?

Our services have been used and endorsed by many customers who have greatly benefitted from them. We provide niche relevant, active, and real followers that bring organic growth. Therefore, “Yes” they are real and genuine.

Which is best website to buy Instagram followers in 2022?

The answer is “INSTABOOSTGAM.COM”. Reason behind this, INSTABOOSTGAM provide real quality Instagram followers with instant delivery, specially niche relevant and 100% privacy guaranteed and we never share any data with anyone.



How fast will the followers be delivered?

As soon as you successfully placed order with us, our system will start your order instantly and you will start getting your followers instantly on your Instagram account.

Is the payment gateway secure and safe?

Yes, the payment gateway is 100% safe as its 256 Bit SSL secure and recognized by PCI-DSS. We use trusted payment platforms to ensure you have a seamless experience.



Can I buy niche relevant Instagram followers

Absolutely Yes! You can buy niche relevant Instagram followers, and we ensure to provide you with active followers who are genuinely interested in your content. Please get in touch with us.

Why is the best in the market?

Our services have been endorsed by many customers worldwide, including the US, UK, and Canada. Additionally, we offer real active Instagram followers and 24x&7 customer support services.



Can I be successful in the US after buying followers?

Yes! The US region is quite active on Instagram, and so buying US Instagram followers will help you grow your Instagram page and bring more engagement rate with organic growth.

What are the payment options that are accepted?

We accept multiple payment options, including all types of credit and debit cards from major Banking institutions. If you would like to buy Crypto or Paypal, please get in touch with us.



Is it necessary to keep my Instagram account public to buy followers?

Yes! It is imperative to keep your IG account public when you buy followers on Instagram, as it will help the followers get delivered instantly without having to accept requests manually.

What do I need to provide to get Instagram followers?

All you need to provide is your Instagram username, and we will take care of the rest. However, it is essential to remember that your account must be public to receive followers instantly.



Can buying Instagram followers boost organic traffic?

Definitely! When you buy followers for Instagram with us, we assure you that each and every followers is 100% real account and it will definitely bring more traffic and organic growth.

Will my Instagram account get banned if I buy followers?

No, your Instagram account won’t get banned if you buy real active Instagram followers from us. However, buying from illegitimate sites or scammers will attract bot followers that will attract problems.



Is it safe to buy Instagram followers in the US?

It is absolutely safe to buy IG followers in the US, provided they are legit and active. Additionally, you can buy active Instagram followers in the UK and Canada without breaking the Instagram guidelines.

Can I buy 100K Instagram followers?

Yes, you can buy 100K Instagram followers provided it matches with your profile engagement and doesn’t project a sudden growth. Hence, analyze your requirements and buy the number of Instagram followers accordingly.



Will my followers drop after I buy?

No, you will not experience drop in your Instagram followers. You need to create quality content to engage your followers. In case dropped, we will give you automatically free refill or get in touch with us.

Do these followers last for long?

We always deliver the highest quality of Instagram followers with every order, and our clients are always satisfied with their retention rate.



Is InstaBoostGam real?

Yes, is 100% real and authentic. We’ve got a list of clients who are celebrities, influencers, Vloggers, fashion artists, and businesses. All of them have got good results with our genuine service.

Which other Instagram services INSTABOOSTGAM offer?

InstaBoostGam is a premium Instagram marketing and promotion service. We have got Instagram likes, Followers, Video Views, Automatic Instagram Likes, and custom comments for customers. All the services are top-notch in quality with fast delivery and result guaranteed.



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4.1 out of 5 stars (based on 141 reviews)
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Rated 5 out of 5
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I wish i can give more than 5 star to as after buying followers from them, my organic reach is start going up and also start getting organic followers also. A very happy client.

Val Harrison