Secure Web Gateway (SWG) solution

Filter unsafe content from web traffic to stop cyber threats and data breaches.

Secure web gateway


What is a Secure Web Gateway (SWG)?

Secure Web Gateways or SWGs enforce business policies to keep organizations compliant. SWGs act like airport security guards, going through all content from web traffic and removing anything deemed unsafe or a threat. This protects users from security threats. Additionally, SWGs stop harmful or prohibited user activity. NordLayer uses a feature called ThreatBlock to protect users and devices from malware, ransomware, and viruses.


Why companies need Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

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In the past, business operations used to be mostly conducted inside of a corporate network. Today, with a growing reliance on remote workers and cloud computing, users are exposed to various security threats.

The remote workforce is disconnected from the VPN when accessing cloud applications and exposed to risk. SWGs are now crucial for many organizations because of the diversity of known threats, inappropriate websites, web-based threats and the sheer quantity of dangers that are prevalent on the Internet.

Businesses that rely on outdated infrastructure in the current cloud-based environment are no longer able to guarantee adequate cybersecurity or protect employees.

Cybercriminals are creating dangerous code and attack strategies at a breakneck pace, posing new security risks. Many firms can’t afford the large costs and time commitments needed to upgrade outdated technology to withstand new attacks, leaving them exposed.

Secure remote workforces

NordLayer’s SWG security solution connects and secures your workforce from malicious websites and cloud applications—anywhere, any application, and any device.

Protect company resources

Ensure safe and convenient access to company resources from any location.

Multiple connections

Establish separate secure connections per browser. All user connections will remain encrypted, and real destinations and user locations hidden in case of intrusion.

Secure access to the internet

Protect your users from accessing certain phishing, malware, ransomware and malicious links that are part of the blocked categories list or in the ThreadBlock database.


SWG features that focus on security

Traffic encryption

NordLayer uses powerful military-grade AES 256-bit encryption to secure your organization’s data from malicious threats.

IP masking

Because all traffic is going through a shared or virtual private gateway, the locations of users are untraceable.

Fixed IP

All your data traffic will be sent through a dedicated server without losing any control of your digital privacy. No one else can use your company’s dedicated IP.

DNS Filtering

Utilize DNS filtering to improve your organization’s security by preventing common and unknown threats to your online safety—like harmful websites and phishing attacks.


This unique solution that NordLayer offers is based on gathering data from multiple sources about malicious domains. Sources from trusted Public and Internal databases are merged, and specific rules are applied.

Secure your access to Public internet & corporate network with NordLayers SWG solution.

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Proxy servers help you browse the internet anonymously without revealing your IP address. However, web gateways offer more features that are essential for companies and corporations, such as content filtering or blocking access to malicious websites.