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Ensure that everyone working both in-office and remotely can connect to your business network securely. NordLayer guarantees that every employee can access protected company data simply and securely

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What is Remote Access VPN?

A remote access VPN allows remote workers to securely access and use cloud applications, as well as data stored in headquarters. It encrypts all user traffic, creating a secure tunnel between the organization’s network and the remote user, regardless of their location. The encryption layer ensures that the data in transit is protected from unauthorized interception or tampering.

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When is a Remote Access VPN needed?


Connecting to an organization’s network from anywhere

If you have remote workforces, or are working from remote locations, a secure connection to your company network is vital. A remote-access Virtual Private Network tunnel encrypts online traffic, allowing you to access resources and keep data safe while working across any wi-fi connection.

Accessing work files

Accessing work files

A remote access VPN creates a safe and secure connection to your company's network resources and applications. It helps maintain authorized access controls and encrypts data during its exchanges, keeping it hidden from public view and unauthorized users. This allows organizations to strike a balance between data availability and security.

Multi-level security

Multi-level security

Business network security perimeters must be encrypted and tunneled to accommodate remote workers and other office locations. NordLayer can build dedicated gateways that enable secure access to your company’s LAN, so everyone has controlled access to safely connect to company resources.

Office-to-office VPN

Office-to-office VPN

Business network perimeters must be encrypted and tunneled to accommodate remote workers and other office locations. NordLayer can build dedicated gateways that enable secure access to your company’s LAN, so everyone has controlled access to connect to company resources safely.


How Remote Access VPN works

While VPN technology isn’t new, Remote Access VPN as a service is a modern network security solution for everyday business needs. Your teams need to work safely from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. A Remote Access VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your organization’s resources, endpoint devices on the network, and the employees using them — shielding all online activity from outside users, and safeguarding sensitive areas of the network.

A VPN works to mitigate the risk of internal data breaches, facilitate the remote workforce, and defend against malicious attacks. As part of a robust security solution - like NordLayer - Remote Access VPNs for business offer a flexible and cost-effective way for companies to secure their remote teams, address their ad-hoc needs, and protect critical assets.

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How to set up your Remote Access VPN

Follow this short guide to download and start using the NordLayer Remote Access VPN

Sign up for workforce IAM

Sign up

Follow the quick and easy steps to sign up for a NordLayer account and start safeguarding your network.

Download Nordlayer


Once sign up is completed, you can download the NordLayer application to your device within minutes.

Getting started with Nordlayer

Start using

Sign into the NordLayer application using your details and activate your Remote Access VPN straightaway.


Benefits of the NordLayer Remote Access VPN

You decide which users have full access to corporate assets. Using the Remote Access VPN within a flexible security solution - such as NordLayer - you can quickly achieve segmentation by assigning team IP addresses — controlling access to gateways and servers you choose.


Why choose NordLayer?

Modern organizations face challenges in protecting remote users, providing safe access to resources, and safeguarding against outside threats. NordLayer offers flexible and totally hardware-free digital protection — built for businesses like yours.



Evolving your business is challenging. NordLayer scales with your business and keeps your employees safe at all times.



Utilizing OVPN, IKEv2, and NordLynx tunneling protocols, NordLayer is compatible with current operating systems and existing security infrastructures alike.



Get optimal performance for everyday business operations with up to 1Gbps speeds through our dedicated server option.



Through centralized settings in an easy-to-use Control Panel, your admins can control who accesses what area of your office network.


Does your company need a more advanced security solution?

Changing business needs can be a challenge for legacy security solutions. Explore our modern access solutions for digital protection that evolves with your organization.

Learning how NordLayer provides security with Secure Remote Access

Secure Remote Access

In alignment with SASE, NordLayer provides security at every level of the cloud environment including Secure Remote Access to safely carry out mission-critical workloads.

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By utilizing AES-256 bit encryption, NordLayer’s solution creates a secure tunnel between endpoints — effectively blocking all traffic from outside the network.